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Text Reader - Free text to speech generator with realistic AI voices

Generate lifelike audio in seconds, ideal for podcasts, video voice-overs, personal greetings, IVR phone systems and more.

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Turn written text into compelling, lifelike speech in seconds. 

Unlock the power of voice with Text Reader, a user-friendly tool designed to transform written words into realistic audio effortlessly. Say goodbye to the monotony of reading - with Text Reader, you can breathe life into your content at no cost.
Featuring high fidelity TTS WaveNet voices, our text to speech tool reads text aloud and enables you to download voice audio in MP3 format.
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Automate time consuming voice recording tasks with Text Reader

Save on production costs by converting any text content to realistic audio in seconds. Simply input your text, choose the voice actor, and let Text Reader do the rest.
With Text Reader's simple interface, crafting engaging and natural-sounding audio has never been easier.
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AI Text To Speech For Personal Use

AI text to speech is a game-changer for personal productivity.
Easily Convert Written Notes into Audio
Imagine capturing the essence of your thoughts or jotting down notes in text form and then, with a click of a button, listening to them as if they were being read aloud by a professional narrator.
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Convert Blogs, Articles, or Any Written Content into Audio

Consume longer form content on-the-go, be it while driving, exercising, or during a commute.
Text Reader also enables individuals with visual impairments or reading difficulties to access information with ease.
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Create personal audio greetings in seconds 

With Text Reader, you can generate personal greetings that convey warmth and personal sentiment more effectively than text.
Whether you’re sending out heartfelt birthday wishes, holiday greetings, or making special announcements, these personalized audio messages can leave a lasting impression on the recipient and mark moments with a genuine, human touch.
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AI Voice Generator For Commercial Use

Unlike hiring voice artists and renting recording studios, which can be quite costly and time-consuming, Text Reader offers a cost-effective and efficient alternative for commercial audio.
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Engaging Prospective Clients

Captivating voiceovers can make a world of difference. Text Reader's text to speech technology allows businesses to enhance promotional videos with professional voiceovers, showcasing products and services in an engaging manner.
The ability to effortlessly convert text into speech in multiple languages means companies can tailor their messaging to reach a global audience, opening up new markets and opportunities.
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Augment Customer Service

If you’re using a Voice Response (IVR) system, Text Reader can provide instant recordings for consistent and personalized interactions without the need for live agents.
IVR systems ensure customers receive timely and efficient service while reducing wait times and operational costs.
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Educational Content: Making Learning Accessible  

Text Reader's AI voice generator is ideal in the educational sphere by aiding learning and improving accessibility. It serves as a beneficial tool for students, especially those facing challenges like dyslexia and other learning differences.
Text Reader can convert educational texts into audio, thus aiding comprehension and memory retention. It also improves pronunciation and listening skills in different languages, providing a valuable resource for language learners. Moreover, educators can create engaging, inclusive content that caters to diverse learning needs, ensuring no student is left behind.
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Multilingual natural voices for a global audience
Create high-quality natural-sounding male or female voices for up to 40 different languages including:
(South Africa)
(Hong Kong)
(Czech Republic)
(United Kingdom)
(United States)
(South Korea)
(United States)

Text to Speech FAQ

Text-to-speech (TTS) technology is revolutionizing the way we consume written content by providing efficient tools to convert text into spoken words with ease. 

Many people have questions about how text-to-speech works, the advantages AI voices have over traditional voiceovers, and the potential uses for TTS in various projects. Below, we explore some of the most frequently asked questions to provide you with clear insights into the groundbreaking world of Text Reader.

How Do I Convert Text to Voice?

Converting text to voice with Text Reader is a user-friendly process that requires minimal effort. Here are the simple steps to follow:

Paste or type the text you wish to convert into the designated text box.

Select the desired language and voice from the available options that align with your project needs.

Click the “Go” button to initiate the process.

The text will be processed, and in moments, you'll hear the natural-sounding speech output. If satisfied, you can download the audio file for your use.

With these straightforward steps, you can transform articles, books, and scripts into high-quality audio content with just one click.

What Sets Text Reader Voices Apart?

Text Reader stands out for several reasons:

Advanced AI Algorithms: Text Reader employs sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms and linguistic rules that meticulously analyze text for a precise understanding, ensuring high accuracy in voice output powered by Google AI.

Natural-Sounding Speech: The technology simulates realistic human speech patterns, capturing nuances such as tone, emphasis, and rhythm, making the listener experience more engaging.

Multilingual Capabilities: It offers an extensive range of languages and accents to cater to a varied and international audience.

Continuous Improvement: As AI and machine learning evolve, so too does Text Reader's capacity to deliver even more refined and life-like voices.

Why Choose AI Voiceovers Over Human Narration?

Opting for AI voiceovers instead of human narration comes with several compelling advantages:

Cost-Effective: Reduces production expenses significantly by eliminating the need for professional voice artists.

Time Efficient: With the ability to convert text rapidly, turnaround times are quicker than coordinating recording sessions with humans.

Versatility and Convenience: Provides the ability to easily modify or update voiceovers without the need to rehire talent.

Consistency: Offers uniform vocal quality that doesn't vary with each reading, ensuring a consistent brand image or user experience.

Can I Use AI Voices for Commercial Projects?

Absolutely! Text Reader is an excellent tool for creating engaging voice content for a variety of commercial projects. Here's a list of examples where AI voices can be used:

Voiceovers for videos and animations

Audiobook production

Podcast narratives

Gaming character voices

Educational tutorials and courses

Marketing and promotional materials

How Fast Can Text Reader Convert Text to Speech?

Our online text to speech converter takes seconds to generate human-like speech in your desired language. Once the audio file is ready, it is available to download in MP3 with a single click.